What NOT to do after an accident injury

1. Do not admit fault
People are often in shock and feel compelled to apologize for an accident when they are at the accident with the police or talking to the insurance company. For some people, this can be a reflex even when they know it isn’t true. Admitting fault can seriously affect your ability to make a claim. Instead of just assuming the blame, work with the police to create an accurate police report with complete details of the accident and photographs. It is better to provide an honest description of what happened and let the police, insurance companies and your Orange County accident attorney determine fault.

2. Do not settle your claim prematurely
Due to the delayed nature of some injuries, it is best to complete your medical treatment for injuries and be fully healed before considering settling. Otherwise you could easily miss some expenses or symptoms and lose your right to fair compensation

3. Do not sign release forms prematurely
Sometimes insurance companies put release of liability on checks they send out. Signing these forms could release your insurance company from responsibility for any future liability or payments