From Lawyer to U.S. President

Here’s the list of U.S. Presidents who reported lawyering as their profession before becoming a full-time elected representative.

John Adams: lawyer & farmer
Thomas Jefferson: lawyer, farmer, & diplomat
James Madison: lawyer & farmer
James Monroe: lawyer, farmer & diplomat
John Quincy Adams: lawyer
Andrew Jackson: lawyer, farmer, & soldier
Martin Van Buren: lawyer
John Tyler: lawyer
James Polk: lawyer & farmer
Millard Fillmore: lawyer
Franklin Pierce: lawyer
James Buchanan: lawyer & diplomat
Abraham Lincoln: lawyer
Rutherford Hayes: lawyer
Chester Arthur: lawyer
Benjamin Harrison: lawyer & journalist
William McKinley: lawyer & soldier
William Taft: lawyer, Dean of the University of Cincinnati Law School, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Woodrow Wilson: lawyer & President of Princeton University
Calvin Coolidge: lawyer
Franklin Roosevelt: lawyer
Richard Nixon: lawyer
Gerald Ford: lawyer, football player, & sailor
Bill Clinton: lawyer & professor
Barack Obama: lawyer & professor

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